My best wishes for success.

Vojey moi a la France.

Only you could make this journey. Make it with a Ford.

Your trip to things adventurous is what the Passion Play is to Religion.

I would like to go with you, it’s the Life!

I hope you always Wander-well.

Your motion picture is a boost for good roads.

You are original, my friends, the Wanderwells. I admire you!

If you take Doug, you will have to build a little seat and take me!

That surge of activity gripped me. Oh, to get out into that milling new world—to sights, happenings strange as the imagination could possibly depict!

Aloha Wanderwell, Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks
Aloha Wanderwell, Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks
Postcards from Fans
Wanderwell Postcards from Fans

Captain Wanderwell, being fond of the Ford, would take the ford chassis and redesign the body. Making the Speedster Tail Section. The wheels were to be changed to tractor style raising the ground clearance and to be able to have the rubber tires removed thus allowing the auto’s to run on the railroad tracks.