You are original, my friends, the Wanderwells. I admire you!

Only you could make this journey. Make it with a Ford.

I would like to go with you, it’s the Life!

If you take Doug, you will have to build a little seat and take me!

I hope you always Wander-well.

Vojey moi a la France.

My best wishes for success.

Your motion picture is a boost for good roads.

Your trip to things adventurous is what the Passion Play is to Religion.

I had a new dignity to uphold. People everywhere would be watching; one had to be a capable young woman—no longer the school girl. I was participating in a hazardous exploit, risking life and limb…. Remember: posture, bravery, humilité, and the Family Motto: `To Per-se-vere.’

Aloha Wanderwell, Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks
Aloha Wanderwell, Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks
Postcards from Fans
Wanderwell Postcards from Fans

What a mixture of child and woman I was. “…to be able to make life as in novels, to be and to go where excitement fills the days.” Conrad knew, when he wrote.