I would like to go with you, it’s the Life!

You are original, my friends, the Wanderwells. I admire you!

Vojey moi a la France.

Your trip to things adventurous is what the Passion Play is to Religion.

If you take Doug, you will have to build a little seat and take me!

I hope you always Wander-well.

Only you could make this journey. Make it with a Ford.

Your motion picture is a boost for good roads.

My best wishes for success.

Contributing to Mum’s alarm, she had just visited a clairvoyant who predicted, “Your daughter, she is riding in an extremely small vehicle. It is studded with rivets—perhaps an army tank. It is moving all the time… but she is very happy.”

Aloha Wanderwell, Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks
Aloha Wanderwell, Mary Pickford & Douglas Fairbanks
Postcards from Fans
Wanderwell Postcards from Fans

The explicit communication of the eyes can be a commitment stronger than any other. This was to be a very long one if I attained my determined desire to see the world with this man. What he had just confirmed—the answer that he could love me, but had sensed terms. The question must remain perpetually at stake: Could we hold out against each other?